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BRITPAC Debate: How should the UK manage it's maritime borders?


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A 'Believe in Britain' nationwide movement, encouraging discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas and opinions across the broad centre-right. We oppose 'woke', 'cancel-culture' and the divisive, leftist politics of identity.

people from all walks of life, from all political parties and from none, who believe in Britain. 



Our Mission is:


“To enhance debate, reflection, leadership and cohesion across the conservative, patriotic community of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, in order to contribute towards the definition of an evolving National identity and vision, and to support thinking on associated policies.”

[...and to enjoy the association of like-minded people!]




The British Political Action Conference has three supporting aims:


  • ​​To become the largest and most influential gathering of those associating with the broadly patriotic, centre right and 'smallc' conservative area of British society and politics.

  • To bring together organisations, activists, a worldwide audience and the best and brightest leaders in the United Kingdom to discuss opinions, exchange ideas and shape thinking about the strategies and policies to make and keep Britain great (we define 'great' as being a 'confident, optimistic, prosperous, secure, globally outward looking and respected trading nation').

  • To reintroduce pride in our great country; to make patriotism, as opposed to nationalism, a positive and fashionable thing once again; to bring back a quite, confident pride in being British.

  • To challenge the pseudo-liberal and far left narrative of suppressive socialism; the divisive influence of identity politics and to counter the corrosion and intimidation of 'wokism' and 'cancel-culture'.




In addition to political discussion and debate, we hope to incorporate an 'Exhibition of British Excellence and Trade' (EBET) within BRITPAC events in 2022. The exhibition will highlight the great work of British manufacturing and our scientific, engineering, service and educational sectors. Alongside our political debates and discussions the EBET will consist of presentations, speeches, social events other networking opportunities, showcasing the Best of British to a national and international audience. Particular emphasis will be placed on facilitating contact with new markets and identifying two-way business and trading opportunities.


We define patriotism to be:

Devotion to a particular place - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - and way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world for them, but has no wish to force on the people living in other lands. Patriotism is appreciative of other ways of life but is, by its nature, protective of its own, both culturally and militarily. Patriotism recognises the evolution of society, but believes that we should be united by the flag that represents us all living in the United Kingdom - the Union Flag.

"Patriotism is an inoculation against nationalism"

George Orwell

BRITPAC supporters believe in Britain. We are patriots.



We reject 'cancel culture' and 'woke-ism'. Neither is accepting of opinions held by people other than the advocates of these very un-British concepts; both have the agenda of blocking the two freedoms of speech and expression; both thrive on what divides us and reject what unites us; both are subversive. 

Support and join us to cancel cancel-culture and wokism!



What is BRITPAC?

BRITPAC was founded by Henry Bolton OBE, to contribute towards the efficacy of British politics by providing a forum to:


  • facilitate debate and the exchange of ideas and thinking amongst patriotic British people interested in politics;

  • facilitate coherence amongst people, organisations and political parties of conservative centre-right.

  • counter the prevalent narrative of extreme and oppressive socialism, 'pseudo-social liberalism' identity politics and the suppression of freedom of speech.


BRITPAC was inspired by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the United States and is a broad-based, patriotic conservative and classical liberal organisation and movement positioned on the right of centre of British politics.


Whilst being broadly conservative in outlook, BRITPAC rejects blind adherence to any political ideology, doctrine or model, believing that a dogmatic approach to politics and government obstructs the agility required for the nation to thrive, manage crises and be secure in the 21st century. What is required is imaginative debate, discussio and an exchange of ideas amongst those people and organisations that believe in Britain, British culture, heritage and traditions, and are interested in contributing constructively towards the people and businesses of our nation being confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure.


BRITPAC was named the 'British Political Action Conference', rather than 'Conservative', so as to avoid any incorrect assumption that it is formally affiliated to, or a part of, either the Conservative Political Action Conference in the United States  (with which BRITPAC has a dialogue), or the Conservative and Unionist Party of Great Britain.

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