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The Challenge... Post Brexit Britain has to up its game.


We Nation needs politicians who are true leaders; who have personality, vision, strategic grasp, the ability to inspire others, and to translate intention into practical change, supported by the necessary knowledge, experience, initiative and drive. But too many lack these traits. We must change things. 


Furthermore, conservatism has largely lost its meaning and direction, and a great many conservatives, inside the Conservative Party and outside it, have been disappointed by the ideological fictionalisation of the Party and the failure of its elected representatives in Westminster to place Nation and Party before their own ambition. Furthermore, the British public, in particular, those who believe in Britain and voted for independence in law, government and public administration from the EU, are disillusioned and worried that our national politicians have, so far, treated Brexit as a risk mitigation exercise, rather as an opportunity. Both concerns are the result of failures of vision, leadership, strategy and messaging. We must change things.


We have an unsustainable flow of migrants crossing the Channel, demonstrating that our borders are insecure and poorly managed; the UK has still not disentangled itself from the European Union and the Northern Ireland Protocol remains a mess; the cost of living must be addressed, taxes lowered and growth encouraged, not constrained; businesses need to be freed from excessive regulation and crippling rates, and our strategic infrastructure, world-beating research centres, critical infrastructure and universities must be secured from foreign ownership and control; the police and public institutions have to be resurrected and depoliticised, trust between them and the public rebuilt, and our energy supply made independent, resilient and secure. Things have to change.


As a Nation, we should be feeling increasingly independent, confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure, but we do not, because no party or politician has presented a coherent or credible vision and strategy for dealing with these things. 


Politicians have to up their game and demonstrate real leadership and commitment to the people and country they are meant to serve; political parties should be selecting candidates with the ability to legislate for and lead the country, and not simply because they belong to the right demographic or have good contacts, and we must oppose those who seek to weaken and undermine our great Nation. But how? 


We believe Britain Is Great, but there's a great deal to be done. We believe also believe that problems present opportunities, and we believe in solutions. However, to bring about the changes that are needed, we must come together in a great union; a team; an association of Britons. We must provide our politicians with solutions and strive to unite the Nation, rather than simply accept its increasing, woke and identity-based fragmentation. 


The Solution... BRITPAC


There have been calls for the various parties and activists across the broad conservative and social democrat areas of British politics to come together in a new political party. But the reality is that this is unlikely to happen until we have a system of proportional representation that would allow parties to work together on different issues. Until then, small parties are unlikely to achieve much more than a split in the vote. In any case, it is vision, direction, strategy, and statesman-like leadership that, presently, the Nation needs, not another party. 


What we must do, however, is come together, all of us - an association of those who believe in Britain -  whether members and supporters of political parties or not. We must do so constructively. We must do so openly. We must do for Britain. We must present solutions, not problems - our politicians are clearly unable to come up with solutions alone, so we must help them!



Three things:


1) BRITPAC - Political conferences, discussions, debates and the constructive exchange of ideas, opinions and solutions. 

2) The BIG Campaign - A national association of people from across the conservative community; from all political parties and none; people who believe in Britain; ordinary people, activists and volunteers, who support the campaign to ensure Britain is Great  

3) A Leadership Academy -  Somewhere politicians, aspiring politicians and those with an interest in political leadership can build greater awareness of the traits of leadership, develop them and obtain some of the knowledge and tools they need to work effectively at the strategic, national level of politics and government.

The British Political Action Conference (BRITPAC) is the answer.


Members of BRITPAC and the BIG Campaign are members of a nationwide 'Believe in Britain' movement. We welcome broadly social democrat and conservative people who are members or supporters of any political party, or of none.

We will leverage influence through our numbers. We will express our opinions, ideas and knowledge through open discussion and persuasive debate. We oppose 'wokism', 'cancel-culture' and the divisive, leftist politics of identity.


We will undertake Political Action through conferences, debates, and discussions delivered by the British Political Action Conference (BRITPAC)






Our grassroots, national campaign is BIG 






Our practical contribution to strengthening political leadership is the BRITPAC Leadership Academy.




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The BRITPAC Mission is twofold:


“To strengthen political leadership and the performance of politicians across the political spectrum."




"To broaden the exchange of ideas, opinions and solutions through debates, discussion and events, and to increase reflection and cohesion across the patriotic community of Great Britain & Northern Ireland."


[...and to enjoy the association of like-minded people!]




The British Political Action Conference has four supporting aims:


  • To become the largest and most influential gathering of those associating with the patriotic, broadly conservative and social-democrat area of British society and politics.

  • To bring together organisations, activists, a worldwide audience and the best and brightest leaders in the United Kingdom to discuss opinions, exchange ideas and shape thinking about the strategies and policies to make and keep Britain great (we define 'great' as being a 'confident, optimistic, prosperous, secure, globally outward looking and respected trading nation').

  • To reintroduce pride in our great country; to make patriotism, as opposed to nationalism, a positive and fashionable thing once again; to bring back a quiet, confident pride in being British. Britain is great and being a Briton is something we have every right to feel good about.

  • To challenge the pseudo-liberal and far-left narrative of suppressive socialism. and stand against the divisive and corrosive influence of identity politics  'wokism' and 'cancel-culture'.




In addition to political discussion and debate, we hope to incorporate an 'Exhibition of British Excellence and Trade' (EBET) within BRITPAC events from late 2022. These exhibitions will highlight the great work of British manufacturing and our scientific, R&D, engineering, service and educational sectors.


Alongside our political conferences, the EBET will consist of presentations, speeches, social events other networking opportunities, showcasing the Best of British and demonstrating that Britain IS Greate to a national and international audience. Particular emphasis will be placed on facilitating contact with new markets and identifying two-way business and trading opportunities.




We define patriotism as:


Devotion to a particular place - The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - and our way of life, which we believe to be the best in the world for us, but have no wish to force on people of other nations living in other lands. 


As patriots, we respect other ways of life and recognise that society evolves, but patriotism is, by its nature, protective of its own identity - its history, culture, traditions and achievements.


As patriots, we believe that as Britons we are united by the flag under which we live and are protected - the Union Flag.


"Patriotism is an inoculation against nationalism"

George Orwell


In BRITPAC we believe in Britain. We are patriots.






BRITPAC rejects 'cancel culture' and 'woke-ism'. Through them, pseudo-liberals and the far left seek to silence the opinions of others and, in doing so, they hold our Nation back. Both thrive on what divides us and reject what unites us; both are subversive and very un-British concepts.

BRITPAC Confernce & Mission


What is BRITPAC?

BRITPAC was originally founded by Henry Bolton OBE, to contribute towards the efficacy of British politics by providing a forum to:


  • facilitate debate and the exchange of ideas and thinking amongst patriotic British people interested in politics;

  • facilitate coherence amongst people, organisations and political parties of conservative centre-right.

  • counter the prevalent narrative of extreme and oppressive socialism, 'pseudo-social liberalism' identity politics and the suppression of freedom of speech.


BRITPAC was inspired by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the United States and is a broad-based, patriotic conservative and classical liberal organisation and movement positioned on the right of centre of British politics.


Whilst being broadly conservative in outlook, BRITPAC rejects blind adherence to any political ideology, doctrine or model, believing that a dogmatic approach to politics and government obstructs the agility required for the nation to thrive, manage crises and be secure in the 21st century. What is required is imaginative debate, discussion and an exchange of ideas amongst those people and organisations that believe in Britain, British culture, heritage and traditions, and are interested in contributing constructively towards the people and businesses of our nation being confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure.


BRITPAC was named the 'British Political Action Conference', rather than 'Conservative', so as to avoid any incorrect assumption that it is formally affiliated to, or a part of, either the Conservative Political Action Conference in the United States  (with which BRITPAC has a dialogue), or the Conservative and Unionist Party of Great Britain.

BRITPAC is not a political party. 

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