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'The Comment' -1st Episode

Henry Bolton talks about 9/11, Afghanistan, the Taliban, borders & immigration, and the need to maintain the shield behind which the rights & freedoms of people of the UK are protected.

First of our BRITPAC Debates.

Henry Bolton OBE (Chairman of BRITPAC) discusses who the British are, 'wokism', 'cancel-culture' and the Left with Charles-Henri Gallois (President of 'Generation FREXIT') and Robert Oulds (Director of the Bruges Group)

What might President Biden's administration bring and what might President Trump's legacy be?

What was the genesis of occupation of the Capitol in Washington DC?

Presented by Henry Bolton

What was the genesis of the occupation of the Capitol in Washington DC? What to blame? We need to avoid going down the same road here in the UK. 

(See Nigel Farage's comments HERE)

Let's put the 'Great' back into Britain - Hold the Line Boris!

Presented by Henry Bolton

This is why Boris Johnson and the government are right not to compromise any further with the European Union. 

This is also why the success if the UK is now up to us; up to you.

Why the British Fishing Industry is Worth Fighting For - Introduction

Presented by Henry Bolton 

For the full video, click HERE

BRITPAC US Election Night Special
3rd November 2020

Presented by Henry Bolton and Jo Marney


'How does the US electoral system work, what are the predictions for this election and what are the implications? Why is this election so important?

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