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'Proud to be British'


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Britain IS Great

Do you believe in  Britain? Are you a patriot who thinks that our land, heritage and culture are the best in the world for you?


Do you feel protective towards our land, history, heritage, culture and way of life, but have no wish to force our ways on people living in other lands?

Whilst you may see faults in some things, are you proud to be British?

Proud of our Green and Pleasant Land, of our armed forces, our scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and all those who contribute to a more confident, optimistic, prosperous and secure society?

We're Uncancelling Britain

Tired of people being threatened and persecuted for showing cartoons, sick of blokes saying they want to be women and competing in women's sports events, fed up with people telling you that expressing a legitimate opinion they don't agree with is offensive, think it is ridiculous that Oxford University wants to stop using sheet music because it's "too European", want to see our heritage and history preserved and not destroyed  by anarchists?

If so...

...we don't have to threaten, intimidate, fight, trash the streets or abuse the police like the anarchists of the left do. We simply have to stand up to be counted; we have to say ENOUGH and we have to hold the line.


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