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Why a political leadership academy?


Three serious challenges face our national politicians, regardless of their politics or party: firstly, there is the public's poor opinion of national and local leadership generally – they are uninspired by it; secondly, senior politicians and ministers find it a great deal more difficult to deliver on their promises and aspirations once in power than they thought they would; thirdly, we all perceive a lack of direction, cohesion and unity of effort across government - each Department does its own thing, seemingly regardless of what is going on elsewhere in government. It almost goes without saying that these challenges undermine the efforts of our politicians.


The problem? 

A part of the problem is a poor understanding generally, in public as well as political circles, of what leadership actually is. There is also a lack of actual leadership skill, and very little strategic acumen, amongst politicians, of all levels and of all parties. Until these issues have been addressed, political and governmental performance will continue to disappoint the population.  


The solution? 


The solution is to provide politicians, aspiring politicians, and those who advise, support and report upon them, with an appreciation what leadership is and why it is so crucial to success, and to help them identify and develop the characteristics, skills and traits of leadership.


The Academy has been established to deliver the solution.


The Mission of the Political Leadership Academy is therefore to:


“To strengthen the leadership abilities of present and aspiring politicians, from across the political spectrum, through training, presentations, discussions and practice delivered in a benign learning environment".


To support that Mission, the tasks of the Leadership Academy are:


To introduce politicians, their advisers, aspiring politicians, students of politics and those interested in leadership generally to:


•    Concepts and examples of political leadership.

•    Differences between leadership and management.

•    Characteristics and traits of successful leaders in different contexts.

•    Strategic analysis and planning processes, and related decision making. 

•    Achieving cohesion and unity of effort across multiple departments and lines of operation.

•    Leading policy development.

•    Basic public speaking techniques.

 •   Media handling, interviews and appearances.


The courses and seminars do not touch on, or discuss political philosophies, ideologies or doctrines, nor do we discuss political parties, policies or their efficacy. These are not political science courses or events.


The Audience


Students of the Academy come from all walks of life and professions, however, those who are likely to find the course most interesting and useful will be politicians, aspiring politicians, political staff, students, civil servants, the media and others with an interest in politics and/or leadership. 


Participants from all political parties and none are welcome, as are those who are new to politics. No previous knowledge is required.




The Academy conducts one-day seminars, intended to provide ‘wave top’ awareness building, and three-day long, residential courses that incorporate a combination of talks, discussions, presentations and practical exercises.


A certificate of attendance is awarded in all cases.





We will be providing two different events:


One-day seminars: Leadership Development for People in Politics


•    Concepts and examples of political leadership.

•    Differences between leadership and management.

•    Characteristics and traits of successful leaders in different contexts.

•    Personal leadership development.

•    A very brief introduction to strategic analysis and planning processes, and related decision-making. 


Three-day courses: Developing Leadership Skills and Strategic Acumen for



This three-day course provides greater in-depth assistance in a) developing the leadership awareness and traits needed for work in politics, and the strategic tools needed to lead in political parties and government. In addition to the topics covered in our seminars, the courses cover:


•    Strategic analysis and planning processes, and related decision-making. 

•    Achieving cohesion and unity of effort across multiple departments and lines of operation.

•    Leading policy development.

•    Basic public speaking techniques.

 •   Media handling, interviews and appearances.


Course and seminar dates for the first quarter of 2023:


17 March 2023:    

     1 Day Leadership Seminar, in Westminster


20-22 March 2023:    

     3 Day Leadership and Strategic Skills Course, in Westminster





(To request a bespoke seminar or event, please email

Henry Bolton OBE taking questions on leadership and strategic planning, from students of the Senior Leader's Course at the National Police University Training College of Finland

Academy Founder


The BRITPAC Leadership Academy Founder is Henry Bolton OBE. Henry became increasingly concerned about the weak leadership demonstrated by politicians from all political parties in the UK. He decided to do something practical to help address the problem by arranging discussions, presentations and training to those who may benefit.


Henry himself has significant military and diplomatic leadership credentials to draw on. He led military, civilian police, diplomatic and foreign aid personnel on complex operations in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Ukraine and Afghanistan and advised cross-governmental strategy development for numerous countries. He was also the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).


Henry has trained senior diplomats and military officers from around the world in leadership and strategic planning. His experience includes giving talks to students of the Swedish International Centre, Finnish Army, Austrian Defence Academy, UK Command and Staff Course, United Nations civilian, military and police staff officers' courses, the European Security and Defence College, and the EU’s ‘Senior Leader Course’. 


Additionally, Henry founded the OSCE Staff College, which provides leadership coaching for officers from the Border Agencies of 63 countries.


Henry joins other figures from British national politics, the media, academia and the military, to deliver the Leadership Academy's training courses and events.

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